Club Notes: 2nd December 2019

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Stepping up to adult grade can be a daunting experience. This week I spoke to Ian Beecher about his step up to playing adult hurling from underage.

PRO: Before one could play adult hurling at any age deemed one was good enough. It changed then to 17 and followed that to 18. Had you played junior grade before you played senior grade?

IB: Never played junior no.

PRO: I remember that you played in two county finals against Ballygunner . You scored a goal against Ballygunner in the U14 one and the minor one went to a replay. You memories of both?

IB: Don’t remember u14 one. Got 2 goals in the first minor county , were up by 8 with ten minutes left and drew, lost replay .

PRO: So you played Senior before you played Junior , how did you feel with the age restrictions in so far as you were eighteen before you could play adult hurling?

IB: Didn’t bother me really I was playing with few underage teams so was busy with that .

PRO:The first few challenge games and league games how did you find the speed of the game, strength of opponents etc..

IB: Played at a higher speed . Opponents were generally much older and were much stronger .

PRO: How did you find the speed of the game in your first championship encounter?

IB: The speed of the game was faster than underage hurling but it was the strength of players that really surprised me. It was much harder to beat opponents,was nearly bullied out of it. Also was taken off at half time on debut which shows it didn’t go well .

PRO: You came up against the Ballygunner halfback line of Mahoney, Hutchinson and Walsh. Pretty strong.How did you feel on the build up to the game and the day of the game?

IB:Build up to the game went fairly well I thought. Obviously was a bit nervous due to playing such a big side and especially because it was first championship game for the club.

PRO: How much of a help were you brother Robbie with about two years experience and James your uncle in stepping up?

IB: The two lads were a huge help to be fair. I suppose James was always giving advice before and after games and wishing the best before hand
which helped a lot. Rob made me feel more comfortable I suppose in the dressing room with lads I hadn’t played with before which was good, and he also told me who to stay away from at training .

PRO: How was you confidence after the game?

IB: Confidence wasn’t great to be honest after. We were beaten badly and had a bad game personally too.

PRO: How did the rest of year go for you?

IB: Rest of the year went well I thought for my first year. Got to play a nice few matches which boosted my confidence and I got experience under the

PRO: What did you think you needed to work the most on at the time to get up to speed?

IB: Definitely I needed to work on the strength to get up to the level of other lads.

PRO: How has been your toughest opponent so far?

IB: Toughest opponent was probably that half back line on my debut vs Ballygunner . They were very physical and very hard to win any ball from.

PRO: What is the best game you played in?

IB: Best game I played in I’d say was against Ballyduff over in lismore last year, game went to extra time and we won it in end, probably didn’t deserve to win it either which made it even better.

PRO: Your favourite position?

IB: Favorite position is half forward line.

PRO: You fluttered with center back in the league. How did you find the backs?

IB: Did really like my time center back to be honest, struggled to read the game there. We were very stuck on numbers that day so I was put back
there. Suppose I’m not used to marking lads.

PRO: What advice would give an young fella joining a panel?

IB: To keep training away as often as possible and play as much game time as you can.

PRO: I remember your uncle playing at center forward and breaking countless hurleys. Would you break many hurleys in a year and do you travel far
for hurleys?

IB: I don’t go through too many to be honest I’d say if I broke 3/4 a year would be the most. Mostly go to Fitzgerald but I’ve went to Torpey a few times recently.

PRO: Has college hurling improved you?

IB: College hurling has definitely helped me, its played at a high pace as there’s lads on county teams playing against you, very tough especially the
time of year with weather conditions

PRO: The u20's against Tipp this year...

IB: U 20s v Tipp: disaster from start to finish. Came up against very good team, very disappointing.

PRO: How do you find that you lost the traditional 21 and you a year underage gone?

IB: Would have liked to play another year u21 but sure at least I’ve years ahead of me playing senior hopefully.

PRO: The change to u17, U20 and the fact there is only U19 in the county and adult there after?

IB: I think the change in u17 and u20 was a bad move overall, lot of lads missed out on playing for there clubs due to it.I think not having u21 for club
is a poor decision as lads who can’t break onto the adult team miss out on an opportunity to play club games on a regular basis. This isnt going to help there progress.

PRO: What are you hopes for Tallow both on and off the field over the next years?

IB: Hopefully in Tallow we can push on a bit further than we have done in previous years and get into a few semi finals and that.

PRO: If you could buy one player for Waterford who would you buy?

IB: I'd probably buy Tony Kelly.

PRO :Your all time hurling team?

IB: Eoin Murphy.

Ritchie English, Ronan Maher, Sean Finn.

Padraig mannion, Paudie Maher, Diarmuid Byrnes.

Noel mc Grath, Tony Kelly.

Joe Canning, TJ Reid, Henry shefflin.

Turkey legend, Ken Kearney, Kieran Geary

Hats And Car Stickers : Still available at €10 and €2 respectively. Can contact through Tallow Facebook and Tallow What's app.

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Club Notes: 25th November 2019

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Committee Meeting: They will be a committee Meeting in the clubhouse on Thursday at 8.30pm.

Camoige :Congratulations to the Tallow U13 camoige team who won the county final on Saturday last against Ring. We would also like to acknowledge the Tallow camoige player Kathryn Coakley who won her second All Ireland Club football. title in a row with Mourneabbey.

GAA MATTERS: Last week the CPA walked away from formal talks with the GAA over fixtures. The GAA were sticking with the status quo and to stay as it is. This means uncertainty on the club fixtures. There are two things for one to me that need to be done. Firstly with the half backed April only for clubs, they need to do something radical and give a month of the showpiece times that they have. Be that a June,July or August but one of these would surely surely cure some of the ills of fixture congession and give players the certainty of dates. An ban of intercouty across the board would also ease intercouty player burn out and also financial cost to county boards. The easier one would be that county boards dictate to county managers on when fixtures are on and for them remain on irregardless of training.

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25/11/2019 Jackpot €9,600 No Winner Numbers:10,12,18,21
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Next Draw :2/12/2019 Hotel 9pm Jackpot : €9,800.
Tickets available from most businesses in town and from promoters at €2 each.

Club Notes: 11th November 2019

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Cois Bhríde: Well done to the Cois Bhríde U17 footballers who won the Division 3 county final. Mossie got so excited that he had to leave the field.

Forty five years ago Tallow captured the 1974 Intermediate hurling title. It coupled on an underage success that propelled us to Senior level and a glorious period of the eighties. I spoke to three members of that team who were involved that year. Billy Sheehan (BS) the captain from full back., Jimmy Cronin a wing back on the team (JC) and Tom Doyle the centre forward (TD) and asked a few questions and give information to all three.

In eight years all our near neighbours (Shamrocks, Lismore, Cappoquin and Ballyduff) got promoted to the senior grade. The Western section seemed very competitve?

JC: It was , you could add Fourmile and Geraldines and it was very competitive.

BS: The Intermediate championship was very competitive in the early 70's. Cappoquin beat us in the western final in 1970 I think. We won the West in '71 but were beaten by Bulterstown in the County Final.Cappoquin beat us again in 72 or '73 . We had John Ryan sent off early in the first half.

TD: It was brilliant to be involved in it. Some great tight games.

We won the Keeneland Cup against Lismore (senior grade) earlier in the year. Surley a good sign?

JC: The Keeneland Cup was just an appetizer for things to come and gave us belief in ourselves.

BS: In '74 we beat Lismore in the Keeneland. Lismore were one of the top senior teams then. That win gave us the confidence to go on from there.

TD: The Keaneland Cup was a mighty tournament. We never looked upon it as either Senior or Intermediate, just another game but fantastic atmosphere.

We received a walkover from Clashmore in the first round. How did this happen?

JC: Can't remember the Clashmore walk over.

TD: No Idea. Ask Eddie Cunningham. He was always the brains behind us.!

The following round we beat Fourmilewater 3-8 to 1-6 ...

JC: The Fourmile game was a very physical encounter but our hurling and our fitness levels were super on the day. This day will long be remembered for the death of our own Bill Sheehan a true Tallow man.

TD: The game against Fourmilewater will always be remembered here in Tallow as the day the late Bill Sheehan passed away on the sideline and with another great Gael and friend the late Co. Councillor Ciarán O'Riain praying the Rosary over Bill. Two true gentlemen supporting their own teams who both loved the game of hurling. Leaba i mbeasc na n-Aingil go raibh an beirt acu.

We were due to play Cappoquin in the semi final of the west in September but due to thier involvement in senior football it was held up. Training was on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. A challenge game was

played against Watergrasshill. How did you find the time gap?

JC: The time gap was no problem in them times. All we wanted to do was be in the field. There was no social media or apps available then so it was easy to motivate players.

BS: There was a big gap between some of the games. We also playing football at the time. So between training and football we kept going. I also think at the time we were invited into tournaments , in Castleyons in 74. We beat Sarsfields of Cork who were Senior at the time. We played other tournaments in Castletownroche , Ballynoe and Kilworth. All these were part of festivals. So we stayed around for a few drinks !!!! I think that socail side helped the team to bond in a good way.

TD: Probably went to Redbarn with the rest of the lads.

Tallow played Cappoquin four times in the 1970's prior to the 1974 semi final. We were only victorious on one occasion. Did that bother you?

JC: All western teams were always competitive especially as all the games were considered to be locals derby's and played as such.

TD: No, you win you lose. Take both equally.

The semi final of the west against Cappoquin wasn't played until 24th October . Two months without a game. If that happened now there would be an outcry..

JC: Looking back at some our our fixtures this year not a lot has changed.

TD: I don't see why. Just play it when it comes. What would you be getting excited about? We played an U21 football game in Tramore the day before Christmas Eve.

We also went into the game minus John Lyons our full back with an eye injury and Tom Doyle with a leg injury...

JC: Yes the two lads were a hugh loss especially with the size of our panel but that was Tallow then and we played with them on our minds. We had all come up through the Junior ranks together and spirit was the driving force of the day.

BS: We lost John Lyons the week of the Cappoquin game . I went full back in his place. We also introduced Raymond O'Brien (only 17 then) .

We beat Cappoquin 2-5 to 1-5 . They had won a senior football county final previous to this. . We had two goals disallowed for square balls in a game we should have won more comfortably..

JC: Yes we won by a goal at the finish against our bogey side and a team that produced some of the best hurlers in the western division.

TD: Two goals disallowed? Probably McDonnell charging the goalie.

The western Final against Ballyduff played before a record crowd in Lismore. They had three Waterford seniors at the time. We won 2-8 to 1-3.Bob Ryan got two goals. Tom Doyle was back from injury, Mutty Curley switched from the forwards to the backs. Billy Sheehan had maned the square. The team had a very settled look about it.

Bar Ned in goals , Richie corner back and Johnny Curley , the team was very young...

BS: I think the team that played in the the county final was (ages in brackets)
NEd Power
Tom McSweeney (25) B Sheehan (24) R McNamara
J Cronin (20) L O'Brien (21) M Curley (24)
J McDonnell (24) K Ryan (17)
R O'Brien (17) T Doyle (23) E Condon (20)
J Curley (25) B Ryan S Tracey (20)

Apart from Ned, Richie and Billy Ryan the rest of the team were all under 25. Raymond O'Brien and Kieran Ryan were only 17 . Very young although most of them had played for Waterford underage.

TD: We grew up from U14 together with Ned Power always at the helm of it and it was fantastic that the day arrived when we hurled on the same team together. What a great man he was indeed. Even when in goal he was constantly coaching to the backs in front of him. He played at centre forward as well with us. Richie McNamara would have been those few years above us but was a hugely dependable and skillful hurler and kept many an intercounty hurler scoreless on occasions. Johnny Curley was another of that era and has a Junior County medal as well and is as passionate today as ever and a true hurling man.

The county final in November was delayed after the death of the president and was not called off until 11.30pm on a Saturday night. Not exactly ideal..

TD : I don't remember that but it would have been the same for both teams.

How did losing the 71 county final to Bulterstown help in the 74 decider?

JC: We spoke about that in the run up the 74 final and nobody wanted to feel like that again. It was easy to motivate us.

BS: I think the loss in '71 defininetly helped the progress of the team. Also the Keaneland Cup had a very positive effect. It gave us the belief that we were good enough , also the fact that Lismore were senior and the Shamrock were senior made more determined that ever to get up.

TD: I would say absolutely none except that we were probably more mature a few years later.

We destroyed Clonea in the final by 18 points. A dream scenario... A 38 year wait to play senior hurling ended...

JC: The final was one way traffic and one that set us on the road to the holy grail senior status. If ever a Tallow team deserved this we were them, a dedicated bunch that always punched above their weight.

TD : To be quite honest I don't remember anything about the game but it must have been great for the club. However the great battles against the local intermediate teams were gone and I never enjoyed the senior games to the same degree. Walsh Park or Fraher Field with a small crowd as opposed to a packed Lismore or Cappoquin venue is a no brainer. The local derby atmosphere was a thing of the past.

A lorry carried the team from the bridge to the square. Club president Jimmy Cunningham, Chairman Tom Mulcahy , secretary

John Russell , Ned Power and captain Billy Sheehan spoke . Do you recall any of this??

JC: I remember the lorry and the bonfires that were lit by Gareth Collins and also the singing of Noreen Bawn. All the happy faces in the crowd until I went into Lukies and the rest is history.

TD: No I don't but it was surely great for all those and the town and parish in particular. As with Ballysaggart this year it was a historic occasion in the overall context of the club and I now realise what it must have meant to the older generation of the time who had been involved in the club all of their lives. My overall view is that the GAA is entrenched in our lives. Many, many games and occasions I cannot recall but the many great friends I have made, I most certainly can.

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Next Draw : Lukies 18/11/2019 9pm Jackpot : €9,400.

Club Notes: 5th November 2019

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Following months of planning and organising,the date of Friday 25th of October had arrived and on a rain sodden Friday we set off by bus at 12.30pm from Pairc Eamon De Paor to Dublin airport. The bus was full of high spirits and joviality, the bus back would be the complete opposite.

43 of us descended on Prague on Friday evening where we were met by Clive Allen, the Chairman of Prague Hibernians, our hosts for the weekend. Thinks got off to a worrying start as the bus departed without our own chairman who had separated from the group to collect the hurleys from oversize baggage. Obviously hurling was not high on the list of priorities at that moment.

Prague Hibernians ran their annual open day on the Saturday, where they try to promote GAA games in Prague. This is their first year having a hurling team so they were only more than happy to have us there to put on an exhibition. And our lads did not disappoint. After an half an hour or so where the lads had a puck around to blow off the excesses of the night before, we decided to put some structure to the day's events. While our lads divided into two teams, a few of our elder statesmen carried out a coaching session with the newcomers to Prague Hibernians. These included some Czechs, Slovaks, Australians and Irish from Donegal and Roscommon. After that our Tallow teams played an exhibition game among themselves for ten minutes a side to show off the various skillsof the game. After that we divided both Tallow and Prague players into 4 teams and played a round robin. Competitive natures came to the fore and some of the tackles on display would even have had Brian Cody blowing the whistle in those famous Nowlan Park training sessions. But our referee Luke adopted a free flowing approach. We took a break after the hurling where we were introduced to the Irish Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Cliona Manahan, who explained to us that her family had roots in Waterford but she was not sure which part. After this we carried out the same format in football. All in all we were on the playing field from 10.30 to 4pm. The longest training session we've had with these lads in many a year.

That night our hosts graciously held a function for us in "The Down Under" bar where we had drink, food and entertainment laid on for us. Awards were presented to some of our players for their performances on and off the field during the day and a few even took to the microphone to serenade those who were left in the wee hours. This was a great night and we really appreciated the effort made by Clive and his committee.

Like God himself we rested on Sunday and many took in some sightseeing (even if the amount of steps involved was a source of complaint) and others enjoyed the breakfast in McCarthy's Irish Bar. Typical that we went all the way to Prague and still ended up drinking in McCarthy's Bar.

We left our hostel on 8.45 am on Monday morning and arrived back in Tallow at 7pm. Tired, emotional but full of spirit with plans of grandeur to go even further afield next year.

Many thanks must go to the organisational skills of Kieran Geary without whom this would never have gotten off the ground. We have a proud history of GAA tours within this club but our last trip was to Budapest in 2010 and without Kieran's input it may have been a few more years before we left the shores again.

We would also like to thank Tallow Area Credit Union for help with the currency, Longs Coaches for the transport and Lenihan Sports for the tour jerseys. Along with our tour sponsors James Clancy of Clancy's Bar & Guesthouse and Eoin Condon of ECON Electrical.

Finally we would like to thank Clive Allen and Prague Hibernians for the hospitality shown to us and all their assistance in the organising. While trips like these can be seen by some as nothing more than a lads weekend away it is important that we make sure that there is always a strong GAA element to these trips.

Tallow Jersey : We are in the process of getting new jerseys for next year and because of this our current jerseys will be taken off the O'Neills club online shop. Further details to follow on this as Ter is in negotiations with high class fashion designer.

Coimisinéir: to the Shamrocks on their junior defeat.

Picture 1 : Bob McCarthy tight marking.

2 Donnchadh Mulcahy takes no prisioners.

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29/10/2019 Jackpot €8,800 No Winner Numbers:9,14,17,23.
Consolation Prizes: Ter McSweeney, Eamonn Forbes, Lisa Cavanagh, Ann Marie Henley
Promoter :Post Office

4/11/2019 Jackpot €9,000 No Winner Numbers: 3,17,22,2
Consolation Prizes: Paulie Harry, Ann Mary Cronin, Paul O'Mahony, Éamon Forbes
Promoter: Éamonn Cunningham
Next Draw : Corner House 11/11/2019 9pm or whatever time they all turn up!! Jackpot : €9,200.

Club Notes: 28th October 2019

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As it was a bank holiday and the draw on a Tuesday , the lotto results will be in next weeks edition.

Congratulations to couple Georgina and Colin Cunningham who completed the Dublin City marathon last Sunday.

Lucht saoire : We will have a report on our escapers from Prague in next weeks notes. 

Picture : This week is from the Tallow school of 1964. A lot men went on to grace the field of play in the Tallow colours.

Club Notes: 22nd October 2019

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(picture l to r) Kieran Geary, James Clancy, Ter McSweeney, Eoin Condon.

Scoil Mhuire: Well done to both the girls and boys football teams who won their respective western finals on Saturday last.

CLG Tulach an Iarainn would like to express of condolences to the Tobin and Casey family on the passing of Mary Casey. Go mbeidh trócaire ag an Tiarna ar a salach.

Prague : Not since 2010 on our trip to Budapest has a Tallow GAA group ventured to foreign shores . A group of over forty fine men and one woman are departing from Dublin on Friday next and returning on Monday. Our cultural officer Kieran Geary has done trojan work in the organizing of the trip and has pulled his hamstring twice in the process. Two exhibition games in hurling and football are organised for our stay against the locals. Eoin Condon and James Clancy have sponsored training tops for those going. We hope that they have a wonderful time.

Deise Super Draw : Still awaiting a few promoters money. It would be great if we could have them in before Brexit.

The GAA held a conference at the weekend in Cork. Five motions all on the table in relation to football that all passed but still they failed to recognize the club man when the fixture committee groups thoughts were aired post five motions being passed. The top hierarchy are corroding the ethos of the association for their elite agenda.

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.
21/10/2019 Jackpot €8,600 No Winner Numbers:3,20,22,26
Consolation Prizes: Rose Mackay, Shaun O'Sullivan, Bunty Cashman, Joanne Sheehan.
Promoter : Paula Connelly
Next Draw 29 /10/19 at 9pm .Teds Jackpot €8,800

Club Notes: 16th October 2019

posted Oct 20, 2019, 6:23 PM by Mark Baldwin

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County Matters : As Waterford gained a new manager in Liam Cahill Ballygunner completed six in a row. Showing no signs of tiredness or staleness after their exit at the All Ireland Club semi final stage, they powered home in the county final in what was a excellent display of stick passing and movement. They have shown a dominance of Waterford club scene that has not been seen since the Mount Sion nine in a row team of the late fifties and early sixties which back boned the Waterford 1959 triumph(A team we lost to in 47).

The strength of the current Ballygunner team shows no sign of weakening . They were missing five starters from last year and fine players they were too but it has made little difference it how they function. .They have an intermediate team in the county final against Ballysaggert . Now the fairy tale of nearly everyone in the county is to see Ballysaggert win but the Ballygunner team by all accounts destroyed everyone in their wake in the East while this stage of competition normally would be of a much closer fair.

Camoige: Hard luck to camoige girls you exited the championship on Saturday last at the semi final stage to Modeligo. Beidh orthu iarracht níos déine a dhéanamh an bhliain seo chugainn chun go n-éireoidh leo.

Best of luck to Ballysaggert in the county intermediate final at the weekend. While their own field was under redevelopment they used ours for a year two years back.

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.
14/10/2019 Jackpot €8,400 No Winner Numbers: 3,7,21,26
Consolation Prizes:Fran Mangan, Gerry Hogan, Denis Tobin, Mollie Dalton
Promoter :Hotel
Next Draw 21 /10/19 at 9pm .Lukies Jackpot €8,600

Club Notes: 7th October 2019

posted Oct 20, 2019, 6:21 PM by Mark Baldwin

Committee Meeting: There is a committee meeting for all club members on this Wednesday at 8.30pm at the clubhouse.

Deise Super Draw: Still some people haven't handed in this . Could it be collected as soon as possible please.

Croke Park Abseil: Kieran Geary is completing a charity abseil for the Irish Motor Neuron Disease Association (IMNDA) on the 20th of October. All fundraised goes directly to this exremely worthwhile charity. If anyone would like to donate the link is:

Camoige : Junior camoige semi final in Carriganore at 2pm on Saturday next against Modeligo.

Award 1 (Youth/Adult) Dual Course, Tallow GAA Club
This course is aimed at coaches that have completed the GAA Foundation coaching course and have experience of coaching youths/adults in either hurling, football or both.

The course is 16 hours approximately and will be held in Tallow GAA Club on the following dates:

Session 1:Saturday November 2nd 10:00am-2:30pm
Session 2:Saturday November 9th 10:00am-2:30pm
Session 3:Saturday November 16th 10:00am-2:30pm
Session 4:Monday November 18th 7:00pm-9:30pm

REGISTRATION: Please register for this course at the following link:

You will have to register on the GAA Learning website in order to complete this course. Details on how to do this are included on the attached sheet titled ‘Course Info Sheet’.

COST: €50 which is invoiced to your club


This week's picture is from 1983 the surviving members of the 1925 Tallow Junior Hurling team. Front Row (l to r) Willie O'Mahoney, Jim Cunningham, Moss Spillane, Tom Sheehan. Back Row (l to r) Pat Condon, Bob Condon, Noel Condon.

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.
7/10/2019 Jackpot €8,000 No Winner Numbers: 11,15,24,28
Consolation Prizes: Pat Sheehan, Denise Sheehan, Benny O'Brien, Michael McGrath
Promoter :Fordes
Next Draw 14 /10/19 at 9pm .Corner House Jackpot €8,400

Club Notes: 30th September 2019

posted Sep 30, 2019, 6:32 PM by Mark Baldwin   [ updated Sep 30, 2019, 6:34 PM ]

Notaí CLG Tulach an Iarainn sponsored by McGrath's chemist

This Week I did an interview with the Tallow Senior hurling goalkeeper and Junior footballer Shaun O'Sullivan.

You made your debut in quarter final of a county against Ballygunner , how daunting was that?

SO'S: Terrifying. I always get nervous for championship games but that was a totally different story. I can honestly say I felt sick from when I was told I was starting until the final whistle blew. It was worth it though. Great introduction to senior hurling and a great opportunity given to me by Trevor Sheehan and Bubs.

Goalkeeping has changed since you started, before it was just get the ball and just drive it as far as you can , how has it evolved since you started out?

SO'S: I was never one for driving it long so that suited me. Its changed so much,everyone expects so much more out of goalkeepers. I suppose the main thing being short and accurate puck outs as well as being available at any stage to receive a ball from the full or half back lines

What is the most important thing you need to have in your position?

SO'S: I don’t know really. People say goalkeepers are a bit arrogant and cocky. I suppose you need to have some confidence is the main thing.

You got married recently and your wife comes from a GAA background. Is this a help in playing the game in relation to yer relationship?

SO'S: It definitely helps,theres never a question when it comes to hurling as we are both very passionate about the game. We would always sit down after a game and analyse what went on aswel as being able to travel to Waterford games or other club matches

'The mid nineties to present day heralded a golden period of cul barra's , whom of those did you look up to?

SO'S: Obviously Brendan Cummins was huge when I was growing up but I used to love watching Damien Fitzhenry of Wexford. He was no
nonsense and made some outrageous saves as well as scoring some penalties.

In last years championship you started as the third net minder of the year , how strange was that?

SO'S: Ya it was very strange, I'd been in goal for ten years for the club and I don't think I had missed a championship game till then. It was hard to watch on from the line but fair play to Basher and Mark Stewart for stepping in when needed, it’s not an easy place to play especially championship.

Tallow has a proud history of good net minders from Mick Curley , Ned Power and Eddie Curley ,what goalies do you remember playing in goals for Tallow?

SO'S: Obviously stories of Ned Power were huge around Tallow and he was the first fella to train me as a goalkeeper. All I can remember playing would have been Martin Murphy and Barry Power who were very good goalkeepers.

In last years game against Abbeyside you made a string of great saves, I remember against Abbeyside in Lismore a great one and with the aid of crossbar against Lismore in2011 but what are you favourite saves or save?

SO'S: I think number one would probably be saving a 21 yard free against Ballygunner in 2008. Paul Flynn was a huge name all over the country and also with itbeing my senior debut.( It's on our youtube page )

Other than that we played Ballyduff in the semi final of a county in 2015 I think and the last five minutes of that game we were pinned back and I remember saving one low to my left and the rebound then being saved by James Murray.

The plastic hurley has being used in puck outs how do you find them?

SO'S: I started to use it for distance but as you said earlier the game has changed so much now that I would rarely use it anymore. I wouldn't be as confident with it for short puck outs

Penalties have gone from three on the line to one, how much of a guess is going the right way or would you wait until the ball is struck?

SO'S: I actually have only faced one or two since the change in rules (we have a really clean full back line) I think you have to wait until the ball is struck as picking a side would only make a fool of you. They all seem to be struck low into the corner so it's a difficult choice.

How would you have fared if you played in the sixties when goalies were routinely flattened into the net?

SO'S: Not too good I'd say Fád, I'd say if you were in front of me you wouldn't let to many fellas into flatten me

Have you ever played outfield?

SO'S: I played midfield underage. I only lasted until U16 I'd say. I used only play outfield on my own age and in goals then for higher grades. I definitely played a few games wing forward for the juniors a few years back.

What was it like and how did you cope with wearing a helmet when it became compulsory ?

SO'S: Fortunately enough the rule was there not long after I had started playing senior hurling. It baffles me that any man would want to stand in goals with out a helmet and get sliothars driven at them.

Live GAA on TV: One can not but show true gratitude to TG4 over the years for showing GAA when there was none. Club games, Inter county, underage. It's all great to see and finally RTE are in on the act. We were shown twice on GAA 2019 and while we didn't win both those games it was great to see our club on tv. Each Saturday and Sunday we now have live club games to look forward to.

Pairc Eamonn De Paor :
It has still come to the stage where the field is locked at night to prevent anti social behavior . With nets ripped in the summer and countless littering , I think that the youth of today need to have a long hard look at themselves and take a lot better care of the facilities
that are there for everyone to use.

Senior Matters :
Amazingly the county board decided not to have a double header for the county semi finals at one venue . Surely they should give
the standard supporter value for their money?

Level One Hurling Coaching Course : Is to be run in November for four Saturdays. Contact Terence if interested for all those who have acquired the
foundation course.

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.
30/9/2019 Jackpot €8,000 No Winner Numbers: 5,9,20,23.
Consolation Prizes K + H O'Donnell, Martin Sutherland, Bunty O'Sullivan, Maura Ryan
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Next Draw 7 /10/19 at 9pm .Clancy's Jackpot €8,200

Club Notes: 25th September 2019

posted Sep 26, 2019, 5:40 PM by Mark Baldwin

#1 Cunny and Mairead on the look out for the new Waterford Manager.

#2 The Camoige team in a huddle before their camoige game v Portlaw on Saturday.

Pairc Eamonn De Paor Fixture: 27th September U12 Football v Youghal at 6pm.

1925 Poem:
One Sunday to Dungarvan Town,
The Tallow Hurling men went down,
The sun broke forth upon the scene,
As the blue and gold faced yellow and green,
Upon the side-lined bold and clear,
Dungarvan backers loudly cheered,
And others mingled with the crowd,
Of Tallow's hurling men were proud.

For the first five minutes of the play,
The teams from goal to goal did sway,
But since the ball was thrown to ground,
No forward there his target found,
Till Deane pucked out to centre field,
O'Brien then his stick did wield.
And drove the sliothar with a swing.

And quick to Curley he did pass,

Poor Bill was lying on the grass,
And though he was down and feeling sore,
He made a brave attempt to score,
Like sleight of hand he took a shot,
The ball into the net was got.
A thundering cheer now rent the sky,
The umpires green flay waved on high.

So heres to Tallow's brave 15,
Who fought so hard and played so keen,
The Dungarvan boys we won't let down,
They did their best to win the crown,
And when the blue and gold the finals play,
We hope to see them win the day,
And from East Waterford they will bring up,
The Waterford County Hurling Cup.

Deise Super Draw: The final draw of the year is on this Wednesday. Could all promoters collect all owed money and try to have it in for the weekend please.

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.
23/9/2019 Jackpot €7,800 No Winner Numbers: 1,2,3,14.
Consolation Prizes :Eimear Twomey, Valarie Aherne, Tommy Tobin, Kiera & Hannah O'Donnell.
Promoter :Mary Buckley
Next Draw 30 /9/19 at 9pm . Kenirys Jackpot €8,000

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