Club Notes: 12th April 2021

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Deise Draw: With the current Covid restrictions it is expected that the 2021 Deise Draw will commence in July.
The formula will be similar to last year with six draws ending in December. I will notify all when I have full clarity on the situation.

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Catering.
29/3/2021 Jackpot €16,000 No Winner Number: 1,11,22,26
Consolation Prizes €25: Aidan and Ava, Bunty Cashman, Nicky Connolly, Aisling Ross(online)
Promoter: Ann Tobin

Play lotto online:
12/4/2021 Jackpot €16,100 No Winner Number: 2,6,23,26.
Consolation Prizes €25: Adam Pratt , Elizabeth Henley, Aidan Murphy, Michael McGrath (online)
Promoter: Tom Feeney
Next Draw 19/04/2021 9pm Jackpot €16,200

Gathering the Bushes: A debt of gratitude is owed to Brendan O'Dowd and Gerry Hogan would both gathered up cut hedgerow at the side of the field last week. The work of both men as added to picturesque view at the side of the field and freed up the drains.

The GAA is going through changing times. Before the women's committee main objective was to make sandwiches and tea after training. Roisín Jordan became the first chairperson of a county board in the country followed by Tracey Kennedy in Cork. A new precedent had been set. Lindsay Murphy has acted at club secretary for over twenty years and her loyalty to the club having no previous experience of GAA never mind the club is testament to the women. I posed a few questions to her on her involvement.

PRO: Lindsay did you have any knowledge of GAA before you came to Ireland?
Lindsay: No, I don’t think I had even heard of the GAA before 1997. After meeting Pat at the beginning of the year I was first introduced to this very different world when I was taken to a pub in Bishop Stortford, where they had Setanta Sport, to watch my first game of Hurling.

I had absolutely no idea about the game but was given a run down by the Telecom Eireann lads, Kieran from Sligo, Neilie from Limerick, the “Mullingar Heffer”, the “Sweet Little Man” from Roscommon and the giant red headed Mayo man, Joe and fellow Mayo man “The MP”

Pat, known as “The Bod” in those far distant days was no help whatsoever, he was just glued to the tv!
As the weeks went on I watched more and more hurling and football, still can’t get used to using the word soccer for what I thought was football, gradually realizing that this hurling game was and is the best game ever.

PRO: Did you ever see Pat wearing the Tallow jersey?

I came over to Ireland with Pat in August 1999, so he was still, just about, playing Senior under Johnny Geary's management, I believe.

I'm not like Pat and cannot remember dates and scores from decades ago, so I couldn't tell you the first game I saw but I know he didn't score a hat trick! I was at the supposed "retirement" game in Barcelona and remember the line, "I can say I retired in Barcelona and not Ballysaggart", although I do also remember another strange game with Pat playing full forward against Timmy Sheehan in goals several years later, must of been an oldies game played in Tallow.

PRO: Since you interest brightened up to all things GAA did you ever venture to Ruislip to watch a game?

No I didn't get to see any live GAA in England, at that time I was working all over the the country in a pretty high pressure job so the weekends were recovery time and it was Setanta Sport that kept me informed, along with Pat's work buddies, Pat did venture to Ruislip to see a Mayo club match but that was before he met me. I was living in Surrey a few miles from Twickenham Rugby ground, Sandown Park and Kempton so there was lots of other sports to venture off to, we also went to several Saracens games in Vicarage Road, watched West Ham beat Leeds in Upton Park, much to my delight and Pat's horror as Jimmy Floyd Hasslebank was shocking, so it wasn't all GAA then!

PRO: What was the first Tallow game you attended?

It would have been the first game after 2nd August 1999, as I said before I don't have this GAA memory bank and couldn't tell you where or when!

PRO: What was your first involvement in Tallow GAA and how did it transpire that you got involved?
My first involvement was a social event, not long after moving here, the American Tea Party, Pat and I were on Liam Mulcahy's table where I met Colin Cunningham for the first time and listened to Willie O'Hara trying to convince me that the teapot he had with him was the original one from the Boston Tea Party!

I think it was 2001 when Liam Moroney approached me in one of the local watering holes after one of the committee meetings and asked me if I would like to get involved with the club as Secretary. At that time Fiona McDonnell was the Secretary and was preparing to stand down so I agreed to take the role of Joint Secretary with Fiona, who went on to show me what was involved until she stood down at the next AGM.

My first Chairman was John McDonnell and our committee meetings were held in St Patrick's Hall, before the development of Pairc Eamonn de Paor, with the meetings often continuing across the road in Lukie's. There was a lot happening under John's chairmanship with the development of the grounds and clubhouse being the main event. In those early 2000's the demand for Munster Championship tickets was huge, quite often not receiving enough tickets to fill the demand and sorting the tickets was a huge task as you never receive a block of seats, the allocated seats were scattered around the venues. John would ride shotgun alongside Mairead Sheehan and myself when the tickets and money exchanged hands.

PRO: Was there many other women involved in the time ?
As mentioned previously Mairead Sheehan was already the club Treasurer when I joined the committee, Fiona McDonnell was also actively involved at the time along with Audrey Sheehan. As the years have gone on there are far more women playing very active roles within the club, Billie-Jean Sheehan as Membership Officer, Veronica Henley is the Welfare Officer, Georgina Cunningham is the Medical Officer, Kate Ryan is the Children's Officer and is also the Club's Representative at the County Board meetings. Donna Buckley also play's a huge role in the club working on the Lotto and always helping out with every event the club holds. There are also plenty of ladies helping out in the club at events etc. (hope I didn't miss anyone out!)

PRO: How has the gatherings of meetings changed with the digital age and different people?

When I first began as the Secretary we used to send meeting notices in the post every month and they were held in St Patrick's Hall, attendance in those days was always good and the notes from the meeting were hand written into large books. Fixtures of club matches were displayed on posters in shops along with news on ordering tickets for inter county games, it was still hard to get people to leave messages on my answer phone for ticket requests!

These days we use WhatsApp and group texts to inform of meetings and ticket ordering to committee and club members, I think we have a slightly younger demographic in the clubs committee but meetings aren't always well attended, you do tend to see the same faces every month, it would be great to have more involvement from the younger generation

PRO: Fixtures they seem never to be down for a time period only thrown upon clubs. How have you found them over the years and your worst encounter?

Fixtures always seem to be a nightmare, the senior hurling team get the original dates for the first two rounds, that run over two weekends, sometimes with only six days between each one, then we are left for months until round three, then once again they could be thrown at us over a short period of time. The Junior fixtures seem to be thrown in around these dates and at a rush towards the end. Last season we had a Junior Hurling semi final fixed, the date and venue was changed at the very last minute plus we were asked to supply two umpires and linesman, this, to me, was totally unacceptable for any Championship game especially as the game could have been played at a later date, another rushed fixture, I know it is the same for all clubs but something like this seems to happen every year, wouldn't it be great to have an official fixtures calendar for the whole year, for every grade and adhered to? We can all dream

PRO: How do you find the county board to deal with?

The biggest problem dealing with the board is the fixtures, as mentioned earlier, that does include the Western Board. I have found the current County Secretary a lot easier to deal with in the manner of responding to queries and general trying to assist in matters, I'm not always in agreement though!

Club Notes: 29th March 2021

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Committee Meeting: We are having a committee meeting on Wednesday at 7.30 pm . It's going on through Zoom technology. Committee members can contact 087-7578829 to participate.

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Catering.
29/3/2021 Jackpot €15,900 No Winner Number: 1,9,13,26
Consolation Prizes €25: James Clancy, Aidan Murphy, Anne Prendergast, Marian Slattery (online)
Promoter: Corner House
Next Draw 5/04/2021 9pm Jackpot €16,000

1952 Picture: Nowadays clubs are run like a businesses. They incorporate lotto's , county draws, regular fundraising etc.. Without such regular income clubs won't survive. You add in the cost of registering teams , insurance . equipment and trainers and your looking at thousands of euro. So what was it like before? I have heard yarns of annual AGM's being held and the accounts being written out on the back of a packet of cigarettes.
Rod Stewart once sang that 'Every Picture Tells a Story Don't it". So what story does the picture below tell?.The fifties were very challenging time for everyone. There was very little in the way of employment and droves left the country to America and England never to return. The club was in a very impoverished state if you'd even call it a club. With the betting scandal of the late forties depriving men to play at adult level , the club had a youth wing only going by the name of Bride Valley Rovers.

The picture is from St Patrick's night at the Regal cinema in 1952.
Included in the picture in the back row are Pad Fitzgerald , Tom Cunningham, Rogie Ryan, Sonny O'Brien, Mick Tobin and Jimmy O'Brien.
Front Row has Paddy Henley and Annraoi O'Liatháin who was president of the Gaelic League. Tallow GAA at the time had Tommy Sheehan as chairman, Paddy Henley secretary and Tom Cunningham was the Treasurer. The picture is the second time that year that year that Tallow held a ceilí. Tom Cunningham did the till on St. Patrick's night. Frank O'Brien of Fermoy took the picture. A bald small man Fahey from the revenue commissars turned up. That time when anyone was looking to run anything you had to go to the Post Office to get stamps which had government duty on them. Fahey walked up to the counter and questioned Tom and took a head count . He said there is a dance tonight and there was no stamp duty on the tickets and that Tallow owed the government. He also stated that one was held in February with the same circumstances and that the club owed seven pounds, fourteen pence and six shillings. The following week a meeting was held in Tommy Sheehan's workshop . Paddy Henley was absent but Tommy wrote that 7 pounds , 14 shillings was scatched from us....

Club Notes: 4th April 2021

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This week I spoke to Seán Slattery. Seán captained Waterford minors in 1998 at corner back. He played the majority of his adult hurling as a forward. Here are a few questions I posted to him.

Could you tell us what was the first Senior game you played for Tallow and the last?
It was 1997, a league match in Abbeyside against De LaSalle. Trevor was full back that evening and I had some amount of covering to do..

The last match was a league match against Ballygunner in 2008..

In your last year did you feel it was a gradual retirement or did injuries force your hand?
It goes back to 2003 when we had a mere 5 lads at training one evening. You are either 100% in or 100% out. In 2008 I choose the latter.

Had you any nerves or apprehension in your last year in the standard of your performance?
I think 2007 was probably one of my better years, fair to say I peaked well before then.

Would you have done anything differently?
Might have stayed at full back. Could have saved Barry Power from that broken nose... Bear didn't do him any favours that evening..

What was the main difference in your performance in your later years?
There was a significant deacceleration as time went by and I was no speed merchant in my early days. The aerial battle became a bit easier. Had some success under age and always hope you can achieve when you get older. Was lucky to play with some serious hurlers looking back on it.

Did you stay in your normal position or switch to different ones?
I think I covered most roles except for midfield and goals. Got the goaly role covered a few days for the juniors so will head to midfield next year.
Did you spend any time stretching, foam rolling, ice baths?
Wasn't an option in my day or a preference.

How was your body recovery after games or training?
Can't say it was an issue, when I started playing conditioning wasn't a major topic.
Did you pack up sport completely or play a small bit of junior after?

Went for the junior hurling option for a few years along with some junior football.
How did you feel going watching senior the year after you retired?
It was a sad sight really, definitely a few fellas should have been up in the stand with me...
Shane glenaglough would be a prime example.

Do you still keep fit and if so in what way?
Wouldnt be one of my best attributes to be honest. A bit of farming along with looking for golf balls would sum it up.
Have you done any coaching, become a selector or interest in any of the two I mentioned?
Just a role on the fringes of junior hurling. Main job is trying to convince James Murray that the full back slot is his natural position for his age and agility. 2021 James.

Do you still attend games?
Head to most of the championship games, junior and senior when time allows.

Cobhrán : CLG Tulach an Iarainn would like to pass on our condolences to Elizabeth Henley and family on the passing of her brother Patsy Moughty. We would also extend compassion to Daly family on the passing of Mikey Daly. Tá súil againn go bhfaighidh an bheirt fhear luach saothair síoraí ar neamh.

Club Notes: 22nd March 2020

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Cobhrán : CLG Tulach an Iarainn would like to pass on your condolences to the McCarthy family on the passing of Tommy McCarthy. Tommy wore the Tallow colours and plied his trade as a corner forward at adult level. Along with his late brother Mossie they used to be regular goers to Tallow games and where in their element when recoiling the game of that afternoon when they meet the boys later that night in town. A guard of honor was observed by club members in his honor from the funeral home on Sunday last. Deonaítear luach saothair seachtrach dó.

Tallow GAA Lotto supported by Kearney's Restaurant
Play lotto online:
22/3/2021 Jackpot €15,800 No Winner Numbers: 7,8,17,28
Consolation Prizes: Mary Beecher, John Lyons, Helen Hampton, Joe Neville(online)
Promoter: Dinny Cunningham
Next Draw : 29/3/2021 9pm Jackpot : €15,900.

Liam Mulcahy this week added a very nice tribute to Brendan Hartigan.

Brendan Hartigan – A man of Conviction

Only his dear family and maybe some of his closest friends knew the true value of the man we all came to know as H. He was a committed family man, devoted to his wife Vivienne and his girls Fiona and Aoife and of course a doting granddad.
You’d want to be up early to get one over on H He was the master of the one liner always ready with a quick retort! Sharp of wit and sharp of intellect you engaged in verbal jousting with H at your peril!!! He would always get the last word in. Behind it all he was generous to a fault, a loyal and dear friend and a man of great conviction. As the late John Geary might say “there was a bit about him”. The Irish in the Bronx have another way of putting it. They would simply put it in their own idiom: “He’s good people”

Brendan had a comprehensive education beginning at Tallow national school and then on to boarding school in the Friary. He had a good command of the native language and well able to hold a conversation. Bhi an Gaeilge thar a bheith líofa aige agus is minic a bhíodh comhrá again le chéile in ár dteanga duchais.

Having completed his Leaving cert in St Augustine’s H left for Cork where he would set up his own business. He claims himself he was sent for. He served Ballincollig GAA and has many friends there to this day. He also always retained more than a hint of that melodious Cork accent which went down well with his friends in Tallow. More fodder for the merciless slagging we engaged in.

H was an accomplished sportsman. He was an outstanding basket baller in his time at St Augustine’s. He also won an u15 Munster football medal with the famed Friary. He represented Tallow at every level (u14 to senior) in both hurling and football. Indeed the Hartigan family are steeped in GAA tradition. H’s father John Snr played for Waterford in the 30s, and his brothers Mikey and John (R.I.P.) wore the blue and gold of Tallow with distinction.

H’s return to Tallow in ’98 was timely. There was a renaissance afoot at under age level and he became a key member of Tallow Juvenile GAA club. That juvenile club was exceptional, one of the best in our clubs history. Sadly we have lost 3 great friends – H, Loretta and Finn - who were among the main drivers in that juvenile club. He was active as a coach, selector and administrator. He was very involved with the adult club also serving on a number of occasions as a selector/coach with various junior teams. He was a benevolent supporter of Tallow GAA in so many ways and in his own quiet way.

He could and often was blunt and took no prisoners. That was H and that’s why we loved him. Straight up, no holds barred no back doors. That’s why his friends admired him. You knew where you stood with him. Suaimhneas sioraí ar!

Farewell H. Slán a chara.

Club Notes: 15th March 2021

posted Mar 15, 2021, 5:48 PM by Mark Baldwin

Committe meeting: Tallow GAA monthly meeting is on Wednesday 31st via Zoom. Committee members should text their email address to 087-7578829 if you want to participate in the meeting.

Cobhrán : Tallow Gaa would like to pass on our condolences to the McCarthy family and relatives on the sad passing of Theresa McCarthy Woodview. Theresa was grandmother to the Kearney brothers Ken, Paul and Aidan who have and represent the club. We would like to also show sympathy to the family of John Gayer. Go bhfaighidh an bheirt acu luach saothair síoraí ar neamh leis na haingil.

GAA Lotto: Our lotto of €15,800 is back on next Monday. Make sure you are in with a chance to win. For all those unable to buy the standard ticket , they can avail of using the club force online option using this address Tallow GAA.

Picture . This weeks pictorial past includes a picture from Naomh Colmcille official opening of their hurling field in 2006. The team is lead by Brian Henley, Colin Cunningham is hidden, William McDonnell , Mark O'Brien, John Hennessy, Eric Hickey, David O'Brien and Ter McSweeney.

Attachments area

Club Notes: 8th March 2021

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GAA Lotto: The 22nd of March is the return date of our lottery. All tickets purchased before the cancellation of the lottery will be valid and will automatically go into the draw on the 22nd . We have you standard lotto tickets which can be purchased from some shops and promoters and there is also the online lottery. There is also the 3 tickets for a fiver.

Interview: I posted a few questions this week to Darragh Mulcahy. Darragh made his championship start at corner back against Ballygunner. He has played in the half forward line, half back line and midfield. His vigor and robustness are his trademarks and the high attitude training up around Lisfinny is paying off.

Age: 22
Height: 5’8
Weight: 71Kg
Right or left handed? Right handed
Strong side: Right
Have you played college hurling? No.
Favourite ground in the county who played on? Fraher Field
Favourite ground outside the County you've played on? Nowlan Park
Favourite hurler: T.J Reid
Favourite footballer: David Clifford
How would you improve hurling as a spectacle? Increase the number of points for a goal.
How would you improve football as a spectacle? A move forward cannot go too far back, Ie. Once pass other 45 cannot come back past midfield in a single move.
Play other sports: Not competitively but like a game of 5-aside or a round of golf.
Is there many fellas from your primary school class still playing? I think its just myself and Darah Buckley?
If no why not? Don’t know, suppose you would have to ask them.
Favourite TV show? Take me out.
Movie? Zoolander.
Music? At the moment Juice World.
Did you attend Tallow games as a child? Yes.
How has covid affected you both positively and negatively?
Positively – Spent more time with my family. Have walked any sort of a mountain/ hill in the area.
Negatively – Limited the amount of people I see/talk to.
Where do you hope to see yourself in ten years time both on and off the field?
Don’t know, wouldn’t be one for thinking that far into the future, but hope to be still fit and playing.
Best coach you've worked with?
Denis Walsh
How did you feel when you transitioned to adult grade?
I liked the organization and focus at trainings to improve and compete.
Size of your Hurley, make and cost of it?
33, O’Briens, £30
How many do you bring to a game?
How do you alter your Hurley? ie. Hoops, grips, varnish etc..
Just one long grip, preferably green!
Make of your helmet?
Have you it long?
A long time cant remember when I changed it.
Had many helmets?
I think 2.
Favourite position?
Midfield or wing back.
Favourite meal?
Chicken burger and sweet potato fries.
Would you prefer a game in the afternoon or evening?
Best event you ever attended?
Electric Picnic
Any superstition when playing or going to a game?
Just to make sure and eat 4 hours previous.
What was the experience like playing games during a pandemic?
Didn’t really notice while playing but having no dressing rooms takes away some of the pre- and post-game hype about a match.
How do you think the GAA handled games both for the club and intercounty?
Favourite position football?
Wing forward
Have you broken bones got stitches from playing?
Broke my arm twice playing underage is all.
Would you have a favourite brand of boot? Would you alternate boots on dry and soft ground?
Adiddas, mainly use moulds but if its very wet use studs.
What's your flexibility like?
Ok, it could be better.
Have you scored in championship?
Think I have one point to my name?

Seanfhocail na seachtaine: "Aithníonn ciaróg ciaróg eile" Takes one to know one.

'Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine" People are inter dependent.

"Beatha teanga í a labhairt" A language must be spoken to keep it alive.

Club Notes: 1st March 2021

posted Mar 1, 2021, 5:55 PM by Mark Baldwin   [ updated Mar 1, 2021, 5:57 PM ]

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This week I spoke to the two McCarthy's, Noel and Luke (no relation) on their last years playing. Luke was hampered by a knee injury while Noel has problems with his hips and their careers ended early. Their two stand out performances were against Ballyduff. In Luke's case it was Ballyduff Upper whom he scored 1-3 against and Noel was against Ballyduff Lower a game he played corner back in. 

Could you tell us what was the first Senior game you played for Tallow and the last?
NMC: First senior game was against Carrigtwohill in 2004, My last game was against Douglas in 2010, I ended up with a crooked nose after my last game…. it was the day before I got married! 
LMC: My first game for the seniors was against Ballyduff in Cappoquin in 2008. They were the county champions from the year before and we out hurled them in every position on the pitch. I've fond memories of that day, especially with family members making up a third of the team with my brother and three cousins. My last game was in 2012 where we got knocked out by Dungarvan I think. Could be corrected on that. 

In your last year did you feel it was a gradual retirement or did injuries force your hand?
NMC: I was having injury problems alright, it took a few years to be diagnosed but it turned out to be my hips which had seized up and weren’t moving properly, once I was put on the right road things have improved a lot.


LMC: My retirement came at the age 25 and I definitely didn't think it would of been my last year. But I was always troubled with injuries and at the start of 2013 I had a bad knee injury followed by a serious car crash a few months later. Early retirement was advised. 

Had you any nerves or apprehension in your last year in the standard of your performance?
NMC: I didn’t have to worry about the pressure days so I just turned up and enjoyed playing.


LMC: As I mentioned, I didn't expect it to be my last year so there was no nerves. But I was annoyed with the set up in my last year over not getting a chance with the seniors in 2011 when we got to two county finals, the junior and senior. I had the manager at the time ringing me up before things got under way the following year saying I should of being starting in that senior final. I felt like telling him where to go! But I came back and started again for the seniors in what turned out to be my last year. 

Would you have done anything differently?
NMC:  Based on what I knew back then not really no.

LMC: I would of focused a lot more on strength training to avoid injuries.  
What was the main difference in your performance in your later years? 
NMC: Getting access to better coaches, playing with very good players around you, I knew that honesty was appreciated in the dressing room and that gave me confidence.


LMC: I'll skip this one Dave. 
Did you stay in your normal position or switch to different ones? 
NMC:  I played in a lot of different positions but finished up mostly corner back or wing back.


LMC:  I was always in the forwards mostly corner, occasionally on the wing.
Did you spend any time stretching, foam rolling, ice baths? 
NMC: I did the ice baths when they were in the dressing room, I never stretched and I didn’t know what foam rolling was at the time!


LMC: Plenty of stretching, not much of the others. 

How was your body recovery after games or training? 
NMC: Id be fairly sore the next morning, id rely heavily on the bannisters getting down the stairs, I wouldn’t be too bad by the time the next session rolled around.


LMC:  I was young then, didn't have much trouble recovering. 
Did you pack up sport completely or play a small bit of junior after?
NMC: I didn’t really play anything after, I tried a few bits a pieces briefly but couldn’t get the body to move.


LMC:  I finished up with the team sports from then on. Play the odd game 5 a side soccer.
How did you feel going watching senior the year after you retired?
NMC: I hoped that players would do well and that Tallow would win.

LMC: I was in Australia the following year, but when you watch them play on championship day outs, you'd love to be involved. The buzz that goes with it, I don't miss the training on wet cold nights in February Haha. 
Do you still keep fit and if so in what way?
NMC: I would do some sort of stretching, mobility and basic strength work a few times a week in an effort to give everything moving like it should.


LMC: I was going to the gym a bit before covid, just been doing a bit of cycling since. 

Have you done any coaching, become a selector or interest in any of the two I mentioned? 
NMC: I have done some coaching, primarily introducing very young children to the game, I am also part of a group (Surf the Curve Youth Athletic Development) of coaches that use a games approach to enhance children’s fundamental movement skills and physical literacy, it’s a hobby/passion that will probably overtake all other coaching the way things are going.


LMC:  Yea I got back involved with the juniors as a selector the year before last, I would of played with a few of the lads that are on that team so I know them well and it was a bit craic. We were a bit disappointed with the way that season finished up, but was great to be back involved. 

Do you still attend games? 
NMC: No, I work shift work which is mostly evenings and weekends, so I make very few games of any description!

LMC: As many as I can, watched them on YouTube this year. Which I though was a great idea to stream the games and I hope it continues. 

Did you miss the discipline of training, getting your body into shape and fit?

NMC: I missed training alright, you cant replace it once finishing you are never in that condition again. Training forms a big part of you week so you do feel like you are on a loose end for a bit.

To me nothing beats a winning dressing room, the craic, the though that all the efforts were in vain the buzz after. Did you find the euphoria hard to replace?

NMC: You don't have scenarios like that after alright and when I have been in those situations since with other teams, the electricity of the dressing room is something you would definitely miss, it would be great to be in the middle of it all again!

Seanfhocail na seachtaine: "Is maith an t-anlann an t-ocras." Hunger is a great sauce.
 "Is it an mac an saol" It's a strange world

Sin Bin : So the sin bin is added to the rules of hurling and football for a trial year period. The deliberate  pull down seems to be all too common and it would do no harm to irradiate it from the game. Flicks and mistimed tackles on the other day are another kettle of fish. I feel referee's will handle it well and give players the benefit of doubt. 

Club Notes: 23rd February 2021

posted Feb 23, 2021, 6:26 PM by Mark Baldwin   [ updated Feb 23, 2021, 6:27 PM ]

Notaí CLG Tulach an Iarainn sponsored by Goalpost Ireland Tallow

AGM: Our annual AGM took place on Friday last through the Zoom technology. We had black screens, pictures with sound and without. Our chairman welcomed Kieran Geary to the role of treasurer who takes over from the late Mairead Sheehan. He stated that in the post lockdown period that we hope to have a mass for all those who died and had a connection to the club. On our financial situation, the lotto and Deise draw have brought security to our club even though the lottery has stopped for nearly three months and put us under pressure. We added the online lottery facility for all those unable to purchase the standard ticket. John O'Sullivan , Martin Sheehan, Tanya Hallahan , Donna Buckley and Terence operated the lottery as a structured and precise enterprise.

The officers of the club are the same as last year .
Chairman Terence McSweeney.
Treasurer : Kieran Geary
Secretary : Lindsay Murphy
President : Eddie Cuningham.
Vice Presidents: Johnny Curley, Tom McSweeney, John Lyons, Tom Cunningham, Mikey Prendergast, Canon Seán Cotter, Dinny Cunningham.
Lotto : John O'Sullivan
Deise Draw : David O'Brien
Registrar: Lindsay Murphy
Membership Officer: Billie Jean Sheehan
Irish Officer : Liam Mulcahy
PRO: David O'Brien
County Board Representative :Kate Ryan
Field Officer: Dinny Tobin
Chief Medical Officer : Georgina Cunningham
Child Welfare: Kate Ryan
Committee : to be finalised .

Last year was a year that was all about survival both on and off the field, and the chairman stated that he was extremely proud of how we came together as a club and not only survived but took a chance to review what we do and how we do it. Our grounds got a bit of facelift during the year with the paintings of the railings and the two Tom's from Woodview had the lay out ready every Saturday morning for our smearing, buffing and polishing. We added two solar lights to the car park would like to thank Eoin Condon at ECON solar solutions for his donation.

On the playing front our senior hurling team lost our two games of the championship to Ballygunner and Passage respectively. This years senior hurling management consists of Denis Walsh trainer with James Beecher , Paul Kearney and Seán Gleeson as selectors. Once our seniors exited the championship our junior hurlers proved some great nights in Pairc Eamonn De Paor but for the third year running we stopped participation at the semi final stage when we lost to Ballyduff in the Ballysaggert venue. The same management team is staying on this year with James Murray as manager aided by his lieutenants Trevor Sheehan, Seán Slattery and Luke McCarthy. Our junior footballers after an opening loss , awoke and made our way to the Western final playing some great stuff alone the way. The excitement of the semi final will live long in the memory along with the performances of Kerian Geary throughout the year as the teams driving force. The management of the football is not picked as this went to print and I will notify once it is decided.

We gained new sponsors last year in Goalpost Ireland . We would like to thank Seán Tobin and family for their commitment and we hope to work with them in future projects of the club. With covid we were unable to do picture to mark the event but it can be done in the future.

A new development of the Covid virus was the allocation of tickets to games ., Once again Lindsay rose to the occasion though she wasn't helped at times with all her hard work seemed to be to avail as some grounds seemed to be a free for all and non ticket possessors where allowed access. Our grounds are closed at present and for a period of time during the year and we hope that they will be open in the non to distant future. What Covid did show was that peoples lives where too busy and that life was going at too fast a pace . If anything our club were a perfect relief to the stress of working for home, home teaching , lockdown etc.. Junior games had healthy crowds that normally would have very little. We hope to see a gathering again and that people can mingle freely and support our club.

Club Notes: 15th February 2021

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Notaí CLG Tulach an Iarainn sponsored by Goalpost Ireland Tallow.

AGM: Our vital AGM is on this Friday at 7.30. Be sure to contact 087-7578829 and avail of the opportunity of participating .One can add their name and email address. A person can also contact us through our what's app, Facebook or text services.

Seanfhocail na Seachtaine: "Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam" .A country without a language is a country without a soul..

Player Profile : Eoin McGrath
Age: 20
Height: 6ft without a haircut
Right or left handed? Left handed
Strong side: right side
Have you played college hurling? I have played freshers hurling with WIT. I would strongly recommend playing college hurling, not just to improve your hurling but to make good friends too.
Favourite ground in the county who played on? Pairc Eamonn de Paor
Favourite ground outside the County you've played on? Nowlan Park
Favourite hurler : Callum Lyons
Favourite footballer: Ryan McHugh Donegal
How would you improve hurling ? 1st touch and eagerness to get out in front. Don't practise till you get it right. Practise till you can't get it wrong
How would you improve football? Just practise kicking anyone can handpass a ball 10 or 15 yards.
Play other sports: I play soccer as well but I am also very eager to learn some form of mixed martial arts.
Is there many fellas from your primary school class still playing? 4 off the top of my head.
If no why not? People develop new interests as they get older. Might see a few return now that the pubs are closed.
Favourite TV show? Family Guy
Movie? The Longest yard. i'd watch it 7 days a week and twice on a sunday.
Music? Anything off Sideburn (Ben) Aherne's playlist. He's not a bad disc jockey.
Did you attend Tallow games as a child? probably been going to them since I am 13 or 14 anyway.
How has covid affected you both positively and negatively? In a positive way, it has given me plenty of time to reflect on things and improve parts of my game since last year. Negatively, I suppose being confined to home or 5km radius. Starting to annoy me now.
Where do you hope to see yourself in ten years time both on and off the field? A county medal in my back pocket after ending Ballygunner's unbeaten run and beating lismore in The final along the way. Off the pitch, Hopefully have a degree and a soft indoor job.
Best coach you've worked with? Tough one. Probably Denis Walsh. I'm Very optimistic with the management we have this year that we can do good things.
How did you feel when you transitioned to adult grade? I was Proud out. I needed them few years at junior, just to toughen up really and realise it is big boys hurling now. I think I was more excited than anything playing my first senior game.
Size of your Hurley, make and cost of it? 32.5 Limerick style bas from O'Briens 30E
How many do you bring to a game? Just the 2
How do you alter your Hurley? ie. Hoops, grips, varnish etc.. Green Karakal grip every time.
Make of your helmet? Have you it long? Gola, I have it about 2 years. Might have to change don't think they are approved by the GAA anymore.
Favourite position? Wing Back or Midfield
Favourite meal? Chicken and veg stir fry. my specialty
Would you prefer a game in the afternoon or evening? afternoon. I hate waiting around all day for a game.
Best event you ever attended? Robbie Keanes final Ireland game vs Oman
Any superstition when playing or going to a game? None off the top of my head
What was the experience like playing games during a pandemic? Not too different just not as many supporters, but we still have to play whether there is 2 people in the stand or 200.
How do you think the GAA handled games both for the club and intercounty? I think it played off very good. It suits teams when they can prepare with their intercounty players, rather than just having them for a week before championship.
Eoin why is it that you of six foot in height have such a small Hurley and those of your age? I'm left handed so I'm already awkward enough and I find I have way more control of the ball with a smaller hurley.

What's your favourite sliotar? Three Counties

How do you feel about the scrapping of the u21 grade? I can probably speak for everyone my age who plays GAA that it is disappointing because I would have been at that age this year and would have given me more opportunities to play games.

If you won a million euro, the first thing you'd buy? A lotto ticket so I could try win more

Is inter county viable in the current no crowds format? Yes, In 2020 inter county games brought so much joy to people in difficult times. It was something to look forward to .

What sorts of media do you use to follow GAA? Twitter

Do you wear skins? Weather dependent

Put on any strapping when playing or use Geary's magic cream? Wouldn’t go near Geary’s magic cream, he’d only try sell me some. Sometimes trapping, I have glass ankles

Combbhrón: We would like to pass on our compassion to the Aherne family and relatives on the passing of Noelie Aherne. Bealtaine an tiarna beannú di ar neamh.

Club Notes: 8th February 2021

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Notaí CLG Tulach an Iarainn sponsored by Goalpost Ireland Tallow

Tallow AGM: While currently still under level five restrictions the club can't hold a meeting in our clubhouse to hold our annual AGM. The alternative is to hold the AGM over the Zoom technology on Friday the 19th February at 7.30pm. Such a precedent offers those abroad a chance to see the workings of our club over the last year. There are a few ways to avail of the opportunity . First one can text your email address to 087-7578829. You can also send the email address to your GAA what's app or the Tallow GAA Facebook page. While some of members and followers might not have access to such technology we will offer a ballot paper to be sent out to them if they wish to vote on the election of offers by texting or ringing the number above. For Tallow GAA to plan and proceed with any undertakings we need to hold this AGM as collectively the club has been incapable of holding meetings with the current constraints.

Picture: I came across this picture which I added some colour to. It looks like a Tallow with a sash are playing Dungarvan. The venue looks to be Lismore by the look of the trees and the embankment. The photo is possibly taken in the late thirties or early forties.

Seanfhocail na Seachtaine: Maireann an iománaíocht 's tá sé doscriosta dé bharra uaisleacht déine nochtadh. Hurling survives and is indestructible because of its stern and naked grandeur.

Club Lotto: We hope to have the lotto back in some form in March. I will post the lotto details when I receive them in the next few weeks. The lotto has been in operation since 12th October 1998 and is the bloodline of the club.

Combbhrón: CLG Tulach an Iarainn would like pass on our condolences to the Mike , Johnny, Mark and Miriam Geary and family on the passing of Mary Geary(nee Cashman) the Square. Mary's sons and grandsons have given great service to the club over the years and we are thinking of all the family at this time. We also learnt of the passing of Brendan Hartigan and would like to pass on our condolences to the Hartigan family. There will be a piece on Brendan done in a few weeks. Brendan's most famous moment in the Tallow jersey happened in the county Football intermediate final of 1976 in which he saved a penalty as his quick wit and nature unsettled the Gaultier penalty taker. He was on the panel of the 1980 county final triumph against Dunhill. He was selector for junior hurling and football many a year as well as Deise draw and lotto seller. He was also on the committee in the forming of Cois Bhríde. Deontas scíthe síoraí ris dóibh

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