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Club Notes: 15th February 2021

posted Feb 15, 2021, 10:56 AM by Mark Baldwin   [ updated Feb 15, 2021, 10:57 AM ]
Notaí CLG Tulach an Iarainn sponsored by Goalpost Ireland Tallow.

AGM: Our vital AGM is on this Friday at 7.30. Be sure to contact 087-7578829 and avail of the opportunity of participating .One can add their name and email address. A person can also contact us through our what's app, Facebook or text services.

Seanfhocail na Seachtaine: "Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam" .A country without a language is a country without a soul..

Player Profile : Eoin McGrath
Age: 20
Height: 6ft without a haircut
Right or left handed? Left handed
Strong side: right side
Have you played college hurling? I have played freshers hurling with WIT. I would strongly recommend playing college hurling, not just to improve your hurling but to make good friends too.
Favourite ground in the county who played on? Pairc Eamonn de Paor
Favourite ground outside the County you've played on? Nowlan Park
Favourite hurler : Callum Lyons
Favourite footballer: Ryan McHugh Donegal
How would you improve hurling ? 1st touch and eagerness to get out in front. Don't practise till you get it right. Practise till you can't get it wrong
How would you improve football? Just practise kicking anyone can handpass a ball 10 or 15 yards.
Play other sports: I play soccer as well but I am also very eager to learn some form of mixed martial arts.
Is there many fellas from your primary school class still playing? 4 off the top of my head.
If no why not? People develop new interests as they get older. Might see a few return now that the pubs are closed.
Favourite TV show? Family Guy
Movie? The Longest yard. i'd watch it 7 days a week and twice on a sunday.
Music? Anything off Sideburn (Ben) Aherne's playlist. He's not a bad disc jockey.
Did you attend Tallow games as a child? probably been going to them since I am 13 or 14 anyway.
How has covid affected you both positively and negatively? In a positive way, it has given me plenty of time to reflect on things and improve parts of my game since last year. Negatively, I suppose being confined to home or 5km radius. Starting to annoy me now.
Where do you hope to see yourself in ten years time both on and off the field? A county medal in my back pocket after ending Ballygunner's unbeaten run and beating lismore in The final along the way. Off the pitch, Hopefully have a degree and a soft indoor job.
Best coach you've worked with? Tough one. Probably Denis Walsh. I'm Very optimistic with the management we have this year that we can do good things.
How did you feel when you transitioned to adult grade? I was Proud out. I needed them few years at junior, just to toughen up really and realise it is big boys hurling now. I think I was more excited than anything playing my first senior game.
Size of your Hurley, make and cost of it? 32.5 Limerick style bas from O'Briens 30E
How many do you bring to a game? Just the 2
How do you alter your Hurley? ie. Hoops, grips, varnish etc.. Green Karakal grip every time.
Make of your helmet? Have you it long? Gola, I have it about 2 years. Might have to change don't think they are approved by the GAA anymore.
Favourite position? Wing Back or Midfield
Favourite meal? Chicken and veg stir fry. my specialty
Would you prefer a game in the afternoon or evening? afternoon. I hate waiting around all day for a game.
Best event you ever attended? Robbie Keanes final Ireland game vs Oman
Any superstition when playing or going to a game? None off the top of my head
What was the experience like playing games during a pandemic? Not too different just not as many supporters, but we still have to play whether there is 2 people in the stand or 200.
How do you think the GAA handled games both for the club and intercounty? I think it played off very good. It suits teams when they can prepare with their intercounty players, rather than just having them for a week before championship.
Eoin why is it that you of six foot in height have such a small Hurley and those of your age? I'm left handed so I'm already awkward enough and I find I have way more control of the ball with a smaller hurley.

What's your favourite sliotar? Three Counties

How do you feel about the scrapping of the u21 grade? I can probably speak for everyone my age who plays GAA that it is disappointing because I would have been at that age this year and would have given me more opportunities to play games.

If you won a million euro, the first thing you'd buy? A lotto ticket so I could try win more

Is inter county viable in the current no crowds format? Yes, In 2020 inter county games brought so much joy to people in difficult times. It was something to look forward to .

What sorts of media do you use to follow GAA? Twitter

Do you wear skins? Weather dependent

Put on any strapping when playing or use Geary's magic cream? Wouldn’t go near Geary’s magic cream, he’d only try sell me some. Sometimes trapping, I have glass ankles

Combbhrón: We would like to pass on our compassion to the Aherne family and relatives on the passing of Noelie Aherne. Bealtaine an tiarna beannú di ar neamh.