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Club Notes: 1st February 2021

posted Feb 2, 2021, 6:43 PM by Mark Baldwin
Seanfhocail na seachtaine
"Ní uasal ná iseal ach thuas seal agus thíos seal"
Everyone has their ups and downs.

This week I spoke to Liam Moroney. Liam was a was not a prolific goal scorer but  he scored historical goals . Our maiden goal in the 80 final that announced our arrival on the decade. He also added one in our comeback in 85. Another against Lixnaw in the Munster Club of the same year. He was difficult opponent to mark such was his rangy features and you'd know you had been marked by Liam if you came across him. His goals were not only scored with the hurling team as his goal against Ballincourty knocked out the reigning county champions going for three in a row of the county football championship. He had being chairman of the club and managed the senior team and worked with various underage and adult teams. Here are the questions I put to Liam

Could you tell us what was the first Senior game you played for Tallow and the last?

LM: The first championship game I started  for Tallow was the night we beat Ballyduff with 13 men. We had 2 players sent off after 20minutes but we still won by 2points. I thought it couldn't get better than that but I was fortunate and it did.

In your last year did you feel it was a gradual retirement or did injuries force your hand?
LM:  It was gradual retirement, I was lucky regards injuries they were mostly facial, no helmets in those days. Mrs Cantillon was good at stitching. 

Had you any nerves or apprehension in your last year in the standard of your performance?
LM: You always had some nerves before big games, but once the match started they disappeared. 

What was the main difference in your performance in your later years? 
LM: Lack of speed was my greatest handicap, nowadays one would get greater help in that area.

Did you stay in your normal position or switch to different ones? 
LM: Your rarely left in a normal position in the forward line, but 11,14,15,was where I played.

Did you spend any time stretching, foam rolling, ice baths? 
LM:I would have retired immediately if I had to get into an ice bath, and I have no idea what foam rolling is 😀😀.

How was your body  recovery after games or training? 
LM: 8 or 10 pints sorted out body recovery after games and sometimes after training as well depending on what was on.

Did you pack up sport completely or play a small bit of junior after?
LM:  I  played football and soccer for 5 or 6 years after that and some golf.

How did you feel going watching senior the year after you retired?
LM: I was fine because I was still fairly involved on the sideline. 

Do you still keep fit and if so in what way?
LM: Farming was my profession so that kept me fairly active and I am fortunate I never had a weight problem.

Have you done any coaching, become a selector or interest in any of the two I mentioned? 
LM: Yes I was manager of the senior team for a few years and selector on several under age teams.

Do you still attend games? 
LM: Yes, but I don't like it when everyone nowadays are beaten they blame the ref. In my time you rarely spoke about the ref, you talked about your own teams failings if you lost.