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Club Notes: 1st March 2021

posted Mar 1, 2021, 5:55 PM by Mark Baldwin   [ updated Mar 1, 2021, 5:57 PM ]
Notaí CLG Tulach an Iarainn sponsored by Goalpost Ireland Tallow

This week I spoke to the two McCarthy's, Noel and Luke (no relation) on their last years playing. Luke was hampered by a knee injury while Noel has problems with his hips and their careers ended early. Their two stand out performances were against Ballyduff. In Luke's case it was Ballyduff Upper whom he scored 1-3 against and Noel was against Ballyduff Lower a game he played corner back in. 

Could you tell us what was the first Senior game you played for Tallow and the last?
NMC: First senior game was against Carrigtwohill in 2004, My last game was against Douglas in 2010, I ended up with a crooked nose after my last game…. it was the day before I got married! 
LMC: My first game for the seniors was against Ballyduff in Cappoquin in 2008. They were the county champions from the year before and we out hurled them in every position on the pitch. I've fond memories of that day, especially with family members making up a third of the team with my brother and three cousins. My last game was in 2012 where we got knocked out by Dungarvan I think. Could be corrected on that. 

In your last year did you feel it was a gradual retirement or did injuries force your hand?
NMC: I was having injury problems alright, it took a few years to be diagnosed but it turned out to be my hips which had seized up and weren’t moving properly, once I was put on the right road things have improved a lot.


LMC: My retirement came at the age 25 and I definitely didn't think it would of been my last year. But I was always troubled with injuries and at the start of 2013 I had a bad knee injury followed by a serious car crash a few months later. Early retirement was advised. 

Had you any nerves or apprehension in your last year in the standard of your performance?
NMC: I didn’t have to worry about the pressure days so I just turned up and enjoyed playing.


LMC: As I mentioned, I didn't expect it to be my last year so there was no nerves. But I was annoyed with the set up in my last year over not getting a chance with the seniors in 2011 when we got to two county finals, the junior and senior. I had the manager at the time ringing me up before things got under way the following year saying I should of being starting in that senior final. I felt like telling him where to go! But I came back and started again for the seniors in what turned out to be my last year. 

Would you have done anything differently?
NMC:  Based on what I knew back then not really no.

LMC: I would of focused a lot more on strength training to avoid injuries.  
What was the main difference in your performance in your later years? 
NMC: Getting access to better coaches, playing with very good players around you, I knew that honesty was appreciated in the dressing room and that gave me confidence.


LMC: I'll skip this one Dave. 
Did you stay in your normal position or switch to different ones? 
NMC:  I played in a lot of different positions but finished up mostly corner back or wing back.


LMC:  I was always in the forwards mostly corner, occasionally on the wing.
Did you spend any time stretching, foam rolling, ice baths? 
NMC: I did the ice baths when they were in the dressing room, I never stretched and I didn’t know what foam rolling was at the time!


LMC: Plenty of stretching, not much of the others. 

How was your body recovery after games or training? 
NMC: Id be fairly sore the next morning, id rely heavily on the bannisters getting down the stairs, I wouldn’t be too bad by the time the next session rolled around.


LMC:  I was young then, didn't have much trouble recovering. 
Did you pack up sport completely or play a small bit of junior after?
NMC: I didn’t really play anything after, I tried a few bits a pieces briefly but couldn’t get the body to move.


LMC:  I finished up with the team sports from then on. Play the odd game 5 a side soccer.
How did you feel going watching senior the year after you retired?
NMC: I hoped that players would do well and that Tallow would win.

LMC: I was in Australia the following year, but when you watch them play on championship day outs, you'd love to be involved. The buzz that goes with it, I don't miss the training on wet cold nights in February Haha. 
Do you still keep fit and if so in what way?
NMC: I would do some sort of stretching, mobility and basic strength work a few times a week in an effort to give everything moving like it should.


LMC: I was going to the gym a bit before covid, just been doing a bit of cycling since. 

Have you done any coaching, become a selector or interest in any of the two I mentioned? 
NMC: I have done some coaching, primarily introducing very young children to the game, I am also part of a group (Surf the Curve Youth Athletic Development) of coaches that use a games approach to enhance children’s fundamental movement skills and physical literacy, it’s a hobby/passion that will probably overtake all other coaching the way things are going.


LMC:  Yea I got back involved with the juniors as a selector the year before last, I would of played with a few of the lads that are on that team so I know them well and it was a bit craic. We were a bit disappointed with the way that season finished up, but was great to be back involved. 

Do you still attend games? 
NMC: No, I work shift work which is mostly evenings and weekends, so I make very few games of any description!

LMC: As many as I can, watched them on YouTube this year. Which I though was a great idea to stream the games and I hope it continues. 

Did you miss the discipline of training, getting your body into shape and fit?

NMC: I missed training alright, you cant replace it once finishing you are never in that condition again. Training forms a big part of you week so you do feel like you are on a loose end for a bit.

To me nothing beats a winning dressing room, the craic, the though that all the efforts were in vain the buzz after. Did you find the euphoria hard to replace?

NMC: You don't have scenarios like that after alright and when I have been in those situations since with other teams, the electricity of the dressing room is something you would definitely miss, it would be great to be in the middle of it all again!

Seanfhocail na seachtaine: "Is maith an t-anlann an t-ocras." Hunger is a great sauce.
 "Is it an mac an saol" It's a strange world

Sin Bin : So the sin bin is added to the rules of hurling and football for a trial year period. The deliberate  pull down seems to be all too common and it would do no harm to irradiate it from the game. Flicks and mistimed tackles on the other day are another kettle of fish. I feel referee's will handle it well and give players the benefit of doubt.