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Club Notes: 2nd December 2019

posted Dec 3, 2019, 3:50 PM by Mark Baldwin   [ updated Dec 3, 2019, 3:51 PM ]
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Stepping up to adult grade can be a daunting experience. This week I spoke to Ian Beecher about his step up to playing adult hurling from underage.

PRO: Before one could play adult hurling at any age deemed one was good enough. It changed then to 17 and followed that to 18. Had you played junior grade before you played senior grade?

IB: Never played junior no.

PRO: I remember that you played in two county finals against Ballygunner . You scored a goal against Ballygunner in the U14 one and the minor one went to a replay. You memories of both?

IB: Don’t remember u14 one. Got 2 goals in the first minor county , were up by 8 with ten minutes left and drew, lost replay .

PRO: So you played Senior before you played Junior , how did you feel with the age restrictions in so far as you were eighteen before you could play adult hurling?

IB: Didn’t bother me really I was playing with few underage teams so was busy with that .

PRO:The first few challenge games and league games how did you find the speed of the game, strength of opponents etc..

IB: Played at a higher speed . Opponents were generally much older and were much stronger .

PRO: How did you find the speed of the game in your first championship encounter?

IB: The speed of the game was faster than underage hurling but it was the strength of players that really surprised me. It was much harder to beat opponents,was nearly bullied out of it. Also was taken off at half time on debut which shows it didn’t go well .

PRO: You came up against the Ballygunner halfback line of Mahoney, Hutchinson and Walsh. Pretty strong.How did you feel on the build up to the game and the day of the game?

IB:Build up to the game went fairly well I thought. Obviously was a bit nervous due to playing such a big side and especially because it was first championship game for the club.

PRO: How much of a help were you brother Robbie with about two years experience and James your uncle in stepping up?

IB: The two lads were a huge help to be fair. I suppose James was always giving advice before and after games and wishing the best before hand
which helped a lot. Rob made me feel more comfortable I suppose in the dressing room with lads I hadn’t played with before which was good, and he also told me who to stay away from at training .

PRO: How was you confidence after the game?

IB: Confidence wasn’t great to be honest after. We were beaten badly and had a bad game personally too.

PRO: How did the rest of year go for you?

IB: Rest of the year went well I thought for my first year. Got to play a nice few matches which boosted my confidence and I got experience under the

PRO: What did you think you needed to work the most on at the time to get up to speed?

IB: Definitely I needed to work on the strength to get up to the level of other lads.

PRO: How has been your toughest opponent so far?

IB: Toughest opponent was probably that half back line on my debut vs Ballygunner . They were very physical and very hard to win any ball from.

PRO: What is the best game you played in?

IB: Best game I played in I’d say was against Ballyduff over in lismore last year, game went to extra time and we won it in end, probably didn’t deserve to win it either which made it even better.

PRO: Your favourite position?

IB: Favorite position is half forward line.

PRO: You fluttered with center back in the league. How did you find the backs?

IB: Did really like my time center back to be honest, struggled to read the game there. We were very stuck on numbers that day so I was put back
there. Suppose I’m not used to marking lads.

PRO: What advice would give an young fella joining a panel?

IB: To keep training away as often as possible and play as much game time as you can.

PRO: I remember your uncle playing at center forward and breaking countless hurleys. Would you break many hurleys in a year and do you travel far
for hurleys?

IB: I don’t go through too many to be honest I’d say if I broke 3/4 a year would be the most. Mostly go to Fitzgerald but I’ve went to Torpey a few times recently.

PRO: Has college hurling improved you?

IB: College hurling has definitely helped me, its played at a high pace as there’s lads on county teams playing against you, very tough especially the
time of year with weather conditions

PRO: The u20's against Tipp this year...

IB: U 20s v Tipp: disaster from start to finish. Came up against very good team, very disappointing.

PRO: How do you find that you lost the traditional 21 and you a year underage gone?

IB: Would have liked to play another year u21 but sure at least I’ve years ahead of me playing senior hopefully.

PRO: The change to u17, U20 and the fact there is only U19 in the county and adult there after?

IB: I think the change in u17 and u20 was a bad move overall, lot of lads missed out on playing for there clubs due to it.I think not having u21 for club
is a poor decision as lads who can’t break onto the adult team miss out on an opportunity to play club games on a regular basis. This isnt going to help there progress.

PRO: What are you hopes for Tallow both on and off the field over the next years?

IB: Hopefully in Tallow we can push on a bit further than we have done in previous years and get into a few semi finals and that.

PRO: If you could buy one player for Waterford who would you buy?

IB: I'd probably buy Tony Kelly.

PRO :Your all time hurling team?

IB: Eoin Murphy.

Ritchie English, Ronan Maher, Sean Finn.

Padraig mannion, Paudie Maher, Diarmuid Byrnes.

Noel mc Grath, Tony Kelly.

Joe Canning, TJ Reid, Henry shefflin.

Turkey legend, Ken Kearney, Kieran Geary

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